Parallel reaction monitoring (PRM) is an ion monitoring technique based on high-resolution and high-precision mass spectrometry. The principle of this technique is comparable to SRM/MRM, but it is more convenient in assay development for absolute quantification of proteins and peptides. It is most suitable for quantification of multiple proteins in complex sample with an attomole-level detection.


PRM is based on Q-Orbitrap as the representative quadruple-high resolution mass spectrum platform. Unlike the SRM, which performs one transition at a time, the PRM performs a full scan of each transition by a precursor ion, that is, parallel monitoring of all fragments from the precursor ion. First, the PRM uses the quadruple (Q1) to select the precursor ion, and the selection window is usually m/z≤2; then, the precursor ion is fragmented in the collision cell (Q2); finally, Orbitrap replaces Q3, scans all product ions with high resolution and high accuracy. Therefore, PRM technology not only has the SRM/MRM target quantitative analysis capabilities, but also has the qualitative ability.

PRM application

  • Verification of iTRAQ differential protein;

  • Verification of label-free differential protein follow-up;

  • Protein and peptide absolute quantification;

  • Quantification of disease markers, the establishment of diagnostic models;

  • Phosphorylation protein quantification, methylation protein quantification;

  • Other post-translationally modified protein quantification;

  • Quantitative analysis of pathways.

Bioinformatics analysis:

1) Targeted proteins verification results

2) Targeted proteins relative quantification results

3) Targeted proteins absolute quantification results

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